Sebastiano Marini Was born in Crotone (south Italy) in 1989. the experience in digital art began when he was 16 creating electronic music with his first computer ( music always remains inspiration ). He graduated in Architecture and attended the Master Advanced Archviz School, so he became a professional 3d artist. Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk have always fascinate  and  this directs him towards the passion for computer art. In his free time he practices a lot of cycling, reaching places surrounded by nature. Actually he works with different visualization studios like Frames Studio and Lucydreams Studio, where he also teaches ( Master Advanced Archviz ).
   Brick Academy |  Intensive Archviz 3D Artist Course | Budapest |  February 2020
   First Prize | CG Architect 3D Awards | Best student architectural image | Vienna | August 2019
   Master Advanced Archviz | Visualization & 3D Animation Course | Rome |  December 2018
   Architecture Master Degree | Rome | July 2018 

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